James “Alec” Lucas

Lead Fishing Guide & Owner

Lead Fishing Guide and Owner, JamesAlec” Lucas, has been fishing all over the globe! After permanently moving to Vail, Colorado in his early twenties, he made the commitment to turn his sporting hobby into a profession.

Alec is a local expert on catching trophy trout. He was featured in Flylords Magazine in 2021 for his tips on how to chase trophy trout in every season.

Trout are not his only claim to fame. His fishing destinations include the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras. He has put a hook in trophy Permit, Bonefish, Rooster Fish, and almost every species of trout you can find in the US.

The only thing Alec likes more than fly fishing is people. He’s a natural at working with beginners and a tenacious partner for more seasoned anglers.