Guanaja, Honduras

Guanaja, Honduras (Hosted Trip)

The Bay Islands of Honduras are east of Belize and north of mainland Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. The islands exist peacefully like a country of their own, void of mainland issues and violence. Tourism is not only embraced, it’s their only hope. Guanaja is slowly developing a sustainable tourist industry and Fly Fish Guanaja is leading the way.

Guanaja is the most remote Bay Island located 43 miles off the north coast of Honduras and 8 miles from Roatan.

It is known as the “Green Island” of Honduras, the most mountainous and lush of all the Bay Islands with unlimited natural spring water.
The population is only 5,500 people and is spread out in a few local fishing villages.

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Permit Fishing

If you are in search of the elusive permit, you are coming to the right place.

The permit fishing in Guanaja will have you looking at real estate and wanting to move to the island.

There is an abundance of permit that frequent the flats of Guanaja  and it is likely to see between  10 – 50  permit in a day with multiple opportunities at shots.

The tropical waters surrounding the island are shallow  with mud, grass and hard bottom flats and the variety in characteristics around the island gives the angler a diverse fishing experience.

We fish the river mouth, lagoon and flats of the Northside of the island as well as the lush sandy beaches that stare at raised grass flats.

It is incredible to watch tailing permit tight up on a sandy beach feeding off an old set of wooden dock beams sunken into the sand.  Your concentration will be tested when you see tails cruising deeper water and then slicing up onto the flats or appearing out of nowhere in the brackish water in front of the river mouth.

Anglers attempt the perfect cast to divert their attention from the delicacies of the sea to hand tied imitations, there is a prolific amount of food available to the fish including a variety of crabs and shrimp.

The East side of Guanaja is lined with 10 small cayes that each hold fishable flats.  Pushing up onto the reef the flats holding tailing permit in search of their next meal. Grass flats between islands lend the perfect feeding ground and walkable terrain for anglers.

Anglers have reported the Permit in Guanaja are more apt to eat than permit elsewhere in the Caribbean as they are only fished for a limited season by our small operation.

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