Your guide will help you get a good picture.  There are a few rules about how to handle a fish properly that every good angler should practice.  

  1.  Fish don’t breathe air!  We follow the 15-second rule.  If you don’t get the picture in a few seconds, we need to put the fish back in the water and try again on the next one.
  2.  Don’t squeeze the fish.  We know they are slippery, but squeezing can really damage these delicate creatures.  Be kind and hold them gently.
  3.  Wet your hands.  Trout have a protective slimy coat that can be easily damaged if you pick them up with dry hands.  We also recommend washing your hands to prevent putting hand lotion, sunscreen, or bug repellent on the fish.
  4. Don’t toss the fish.  They are really good at swimming right out of your hands.  Just lower them back in the water and they will know what to do.
  5. Don’t LIP your fish.  Lipping is common practice with bass but not great for trout.  You can easily dislocate their jaw.

Wet hands under tail and belly.  15-seconds out of the water only!