Tips For The Ladies

We know what you’re thinking … no porta-potties in the wild.  Don’t worry.  Our guides know every private spot to pull the boat over.  We are accustomed to taking women on our trips.  Our guides are very courteous and respectful.  

Those Waders Are Ugly! 
Once you start fishing you will forget all about what you are wearing.  The fish definitely don’t care!  However, if you have a few curves and want to pick up waders that are more suited to women, try Miss Mayfly online.  They have custom-fit waders for real women!

Where can I change clothes?  
Bring your cute outfit, some baby wipes, and your change of clothes to the drop-off point.  We’ll bring your things to you at the take-out.  Most of the take-out points have a bathroom where you can change.  

Some girls can rock any outfit!